How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for You

Tips on how to find the right hairstyle for your face shape and hair type.

We’ve all done it – tried to copy a celebrity with a new hairstyle that makes us look like a million dollars. Some of us will never forget Jennifer Aniston’s ‘The Rachel’ haircut. These days it’s the latest colour being sported by Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner.

But when you ask your hairdresser for the same look as your fave celeb, it may not turn out quite how you expected.

This is because you need to find a look that’s uniquely you, not one that belongs to someone else.

But how do you find the right hairstyle for you?

Here’s a few things to consider.

1. Face Shape

Faces come in all shapes and sizes – oval, square, heart, round, oblong, triangle and diamond. While all face shapes are beautiful, different hairstyles are more flattering on certain shapes.

The lucky among us with an oval face will find most styles suit them. A fringe helps to balance a longer forehead on a heart-shaped face. Long, wavy dresses look great on a triangle face, while someone with a round face will suit a shoulder length bob. Square faces need layering to add softness while a diamond face can rock a chin length pixie.

2. Hair Texture

Speak to your hairdresser to find out whether you’ve got fine hair, medium hair or thick hair.

If you’ve got gorgeous thick hair, you might struggle to keep short styles in check and discover layering is your best friend. But too many layers in silky, fine hair will deplete your hair of volume, so a shorter crop may suit you best. 

If you’ve got medium thickness hair, you’ve won the hair lottery because you can afford to play around with different styles, layers and volume.

3. Maintenance

Ask yourself: how much time are you prepared to spend on your hair every morning? How often can you afford to visit your stylist? Pixie cuts and blunt fringes are high maintenance looks that require you to visit your salon regularly or maintain the style at home.

If you want something you can just ‘comb and go’, or long hair you can easily gather into a ponytail, you won’t want to commit to a new hairstyle that requires lots of work with a hair straightener and numerous bottles of product.

Remember, your hairstyle needs to suit your lifestyle!

While your face shape, hair texture and maintenance are all important things to consider, the right hairstyle for you is one that makes you feel fantastic when you look in the mirror. If it’s blonde hair or pink hair, an angled fringe or soft waves, you should be able to find the right style for you.

And if your chosen style doesn’t suit your face shape or texture, talk to your hairdresser because there may be a way the style can be altered to suit you.

At Special FX Hair Studio in Carindale, we’d love to have a chat with you about your desired new look. Bring in some photos of hairstyles you like and speak to one of our friendly, experienced stylists. Make a booking now!